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Cum să obțineți o mașină de îndepărtare a părului IPL sigură și de înaltă calitate?

Ora: 2019-11-06 Accesări: 7

Ce este IPL?

IPL – or Intense Pulse Light machines – emit pulses of light that turns to heat as it passes through the skin. The heat is absorbed by the pigment or melanin in your hair and damages the follicle, inhibiting growth.


What is the difference between IPL and laser hair removal?

IPL use a broad spectrum, while laser uses only a single wavelength that is more permanent but tends to be more painful.

Does IPL actually work and is it worth the money?

IPL and laser are by far the most effective methods for long-lasting hair removal and offer a more permanent solution (with a lot less effort) compared to your weekly shave.

No longer is it necessary to spend hundreds of pounds per session in a salon getting laser hair removal, at-home IPL machines have become more advanced, accessible and have just a one-off price tag.

The devices have come a long way over the years and are now quicker, easier and cheaper than heading to a clinic and can rival its success from the privacy of your own home.


Is IPL painful?

These devices need not be scary. The sensation is similar to a warm, quick pinch—it takes a little getting used to but after a few minutes most people find they can acclimatise to any discomfort.

How often should I use IPL?

The key is consistency: most will require you to use the device biweekly for anywhere from one to three months depending on the machine, and once a week thereafter.

When the hair grows back thinner and more sporadic, you will only need touch-ups every six months or so if there is any regrowth.

Due to the fact that these machines require a high distinction between the hair colour and your skin tone, they work best for fair skin and dark hair. Many of the machines below should not be used on blonde, grey, white or red hair or on darker skin tones.


Cum să obțineți o mașină de îndepărtare a părului IPL sigură și de înaltă calitate?

Our company, Shenzhen Noble Smart manufacturer, has been specialized in the research and development of IPL depilation device for more than ten years. There are a series of popular products with very good quality. I'm sure you'll like it very much!

To learn more about IPL hair removal therapy, please contact us immediately for the latest information.

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