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What about girls with lots of unwanted hair? Look here, you'll know what to do!

Ora: 2020-05-20 Accesări: 4

Let's first look at the reason why there are so many hairs in the body, then we can know how to deal with it!

The common causes of body hair are genetic factors and higher androgen level in the body.

If the parents have too much body hair, this can happen to girls due to genetic factors.

If there is more androgen secretion in girls, androgen will cause girls' body hair to gradually increase and thicken. If a girl is born with more body hair, it is considered to be influenced by genetic factors. If there are many hairs after puberty, it should be caused by excessive androgen secretion in the body.


OK, let's learn about several methods of depilation!

1. Shaver shaving

It's the simplest way to use a razor. The time for hair removal is coming occasionaly, and there's no time to prepare. At this time, it's the choice of many grils to choose a razor. Now there are many electric shavers that are also very easy to use. But after several days, the hair will grow back, and the body hair will become thicker. It only lasts about seven days. We can check the principle of why body hair exubernt, we can understand, at this time, a method of treating not for the root reason. Therefore, it can only be used as an easy method to save time, not as a long-term option.

2. Wax depilation

Honey wax can remove hair quickly, but it also has a very fatal disadvantage. It needs to bear great pain when used. The depilation steps are as follows: first, apply the wax along the direction of hair growth, cover the gauze, and then tear off the gauze along the same direction after the wax solidifies. This method is widely used in large-scale hair removal. The maintenance effect depends on the growth and metabolism speed of the individual's hair, generally can be maintained for 1-2 months. This method is not recommended for girls who have fragile skin and are afraid of pain. Of course, we can also understand that this is also a method that can not permanently remove hair.What about girls with lots of unwanted hair? Look here, youll know


3. Pluck with tweezers:

Use eyebrow pliers to pull up the hair one by one. It takes a long time and it's very painful. It is generally applicable to the facial hair and eyebrows. It is not suitable for large area depilation.

4. Use depilation cream

Depilation cream depilation principle is, depilation cream there are corresponding ingredients, can dissolve hair. Apply depilation cream directly to the skin, about 5-10 minutes, use stick and other tools to scrape off the depilation cream and hair together. The advantage is that this method has no obvious pain. Disadvantages: the first one is not suitable for thick hair, the second one is easy to cause skin sensitivity, and girls with weak skin barrier try not to choose this hair release, if you want to use it, you can consider local trial.

5.IPL hair removal device for home

This is a relatively safe method popular in recent years. The principle is to destroy the hair follicle so that the hair cannot grow. Shave the hair in the area to be used, use the device to aim at the skin, emit pulse light, and damage the hair follicle. Products are generally equipped with goggles to protect the eyes. This method is superior to others. The first is to destroyed hair follicle, which can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. The operation is very simple and safe. Third, it costs less time and can achieve permanent depilation after three months of use. At present, the cost of home hair remover is not high. A depilator like this one costs only a few hundred pieces.

Conclusion: the most important thing is to choose suitable and convenient depilation methods. Home IPL hair remover does bring a lot of convenience to life, and there is no need to worry about hair removal.

Using scientific and technological means to create a happy life is the significance of social development and scientific and technological innovation. The above is my summary. I hope it can help you.

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