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Which parts’hair can be removed with a home depilator?

Ora: 2020-07-07 Accesări: 5


Theoretically, the home hair removal device can be used to remove hair from any part you want to remove. Due to its own functional design, the household hair removal instrument can meet the hair removal requirements of different parts.

For example, light hair on fingers and arms can be depilated at a lower energy level. For underarms, bikinis and other stubborn hair parts, you can use high level to do hair remove. For large areas such as chest, back, and thighs, you can choose the automatic mode of the hair removal instrument for hair removing, saving time and effort. For small corners of the mouth or face, you can replace the small head of the hair removal instrument for accurate hair removal.

Attention: The fluff in the corners of women's mouth can be removed with a hair removal device, but it is not recommended to use a hair removal device for men's beards.

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