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How to use household ipl hair removal? What do you need to pay attention to? You must want to know the answer

Ora: 2020-06-04 Accesări: 6

IPL household Hair removal notice

After reading the last article, girls should have known how to ues IPL hair removal device. So this article we mainly introduce, what do we need to pay attention to before and after with the operation?I would like to show you one by one.

1、 Chemical depilation methods such as depilation cream shall not be used before depilation. Because the principle of IPL hair removal device is to destroy hair follicle, the effect of depilation instrument will be affected by using depilation cream, so depilation cream cannot be used before depilation.

2、 Before depilation, you can use a razor, pliers, and wax to shave the hair off the skin. Because the depilator has huge energy to destroy melanin, the hair on the skin may absorb high temperature and cause skin burns, so it is necessary to shave before depilation.


3、 After a period of use, if the skin color changes from white to black, from white to purple, then please pay attention. Because photons were originally used in the medical industry, if skin color changes as mentioned above are found after use, it is likely to represent the presence of lesions in the underlying layer of your skin.

4、 After use, the skin is slightly red, and the redness and swelling are all normal. It will subside in an hour or so.


5、 If the skin itself has inflammation and other conditions, it is not allowed to use photon hair remover at this time. It is recommended to use it after the skin condition improves.

6、 Pay attention to sun protection after use. No more sun exposure. If there is no way to avoid it, you can use physical shelter, sunshade, sunscreen, and put on sunscreen for protection.


7、 It is possible that the skin will become better after photon therapy, because photon has the effect of beautifying the skin. After using the depilator, it can also be used properly with skin beauty products.

These are some of the points I've summarized. I'm glad to share them with you. Our company is specialized in IPL hair removal device. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

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