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What should we do if we encounter problems when using the home hair removal device

Ora: 2020-08-23 Accesări: 2

Women love beauty, men love beauty women, so modern women pay more and more attention to their appearance. All kinds of beauty devices are overwhelming. The customers on the door of the beauty salon is also endless. However, a new product recently released a lot of business from beauty salons. In addition to traditional hair removal methods, people who love beauty generally go to beauty salons for professional hair removal treatment. But with this home hair removal device, you can now get the same effect as beauty salon hair removal at home. Although the effect is good, there are still various problems when using it at home.


So, what problems will we meet when using the device, and how should we deal with it.

1: Cannot boot

When many customers get the product, they will subconsciously feel that the product looks like a rechargeable. So they can’t wait to turn it on when just get it. They don’t know that most home hair removal devices need to be plugged in to use. So after making sure to plug in the power, turn on the device again.

2: The sensor indicator does not light, the instrument does not emit light

For safety reasons, general home hair removal devices will have light emitting indicators, and light will be allowed to emit only when the light outlet senses the skin. Avoid misoperation that may cause the instrument to emit light and irritate the eyes of others or yourself. Therefore, make sure that the light outlet of the device is close to the skin before lighting.

3: The sensor indicator flashes quickly

Generally, the rapid flashing of the indicator light is an early warning signal from the device. For the IPL photon hair removal device produced by Nobel, this situation is likely to be caused by the long-term use of the product or the high temperature using environment. As a result, the heat dissipation is not timely, and the signal light will flash quickly. At this time, you need to suspend using the instrument and wait for the product to cool down before using it again.

4: Strange smell when lighting

The main reason for this situation is portable that there is dust or hair residue on the filter or the skin surface. The strong light and heat of the instrument would be absorbed by these sundries so that cause the scorch, resulting in an unpleasant smell. At this time, you need to clean the filter or the skin surface.

5: Strong pain during irradiation

If the pain is strong when lighting, the reason we analyzed may be that the energy intensity you selected is too high, or the filter is damaged, resulting too much light energy into skin . At this time, please carefully check the integrity of the filter, if it is damaged, please apply for repair or replacement in time.

6: The hair removal effect is not ideal

There are probably three reasons for this situation. a, the gear energy selection is not high enough; b, The number of repeated lighting of the part is not enough; c, the frequency of hair removal is not enough. Please compare your situation and make the adjustment according the three reasons above.

The common problems encountered at present are roughly these. If there are other problems in the future, I will continue to fill in for you. Thanks for supporting Nobel, we are a professional manufacturer of hair removal devices!

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